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Mar 31, 2018

There are some new rules that were voted on at the NFL's Annual League Meeting and are set to go into effect this year. Anthony and Brandan talk about the changes to the catch rule, permanent changes to the kickoffs coming out to the 25-yard line, and penalizing hits that lead with the helmet. Considering how the Seahawks have been teaching tackling these years under Pete Carroll, Brandan says he doesn't expect much to change for the team and the idea that the game will be less physical is overblown. The guys talk about what players will need to do and what officials would need to watch for to make a proper call in this case.

With the draft coming up, the latest speculation on trade partners is that the Browns may be interested in having an additional pick in the first round, which could give Seattle two picks in the second round.

Our next regularly scheduled show is set to come out Monday with Adam and Brandan planning to record over the weekend.