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Jan 15, 2014

Two meetings in the regular season weren't enough! The two best teams in the NFC West have now proven to be the two best teams in the entire NFC.

This heavyweight podcast bout is officially sanctioned and sponsored by Fans Against Violence. Adam and Brandan have previously given their highest endorsement toward the folks of Fans Against Violence ( as being "Better at Life than Skip Bayless" for the work they do to champion the message that sporting events are an act of fellowship and community between fans, and that each person who attends a professional sporting event should feel safe and be protected.

This podcast won't stop Pete Carroll's furious gum chewing from raising the ire of 49ers fans or prevent Michael Crabtree from lobbying for a penalty flag if he doesn't make a catch, but we can enjoy a look at the upcoming matchup between the Seahawks and 49ers.

Along with our recap of the Saints game, Seahawks fans looking for a preview of the game from the perspective of Seahawks fans can look forward to Episode 23 of the Sea Hawkers Podcast. In the meantime, Brandan of the Sea Hawkers Podcast and Oscar of the Better Rivals Podcast get together to offer a rivalry edition of the show to give Seahawks fans a look at some of the thoughts on the upcoming matchup directly from the other side.