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Dec 13, 2018

More firings in the aftermath of last week's games. Minnesota fires their OC and Atlanta and the Raiders fire their GMs. Which one of the three would the guys like to see land in a supporting role in Seattle? Adam brags about the play he absolutely saw coming to help lead him to victory this past week over Brandan. And there's one game the guys both agree will be a blowout, but they're taking separate teams.

Congratulations to Cathy and team Penny Lane for winning this week with the tie breaker. She earns the Justin Britt signed 8x10 photo. Next up is a Shaquille Griffin Classic Logo Snapback hat from his official website. Brandan takes the Dolphins for his risk pick over the Vikings. Adam takes the Packers to start their playoff rally with a win over Chicago. Other risk picks include: Chargers, Jets, Bucs, Arizona, Washington, San Francisco (off limits), Eagles and Panthers.