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Dec 28, 2018

Early this season, we heard how so many teams were doing things to revolutionize the game.  Now that December is here, there is a new narrative that seems to be gaining popularity.  It turns out that running the ball and playing defense is a way to play winning football. Clinton Bonner joins the show this week to discuss the phenomenon and fill in for Adam to pick this week's games. Risk picks this week include Detroit, Jacksonville, Jets, Carolina, Cleveland, Cincy, Washington, Oakland, San Francisco, Denver and Arizona. Brandan picks the Browns although it would be disappointing to see the Ravens lose a playoff spot to the Steelers. Clinton takes the Browns, Panthers, and 49ers (catfish the Rams).

Congratulations to Griffindor on winning the tie breaker this week by being the first one in with his picks as three teams had 14 picks correct along with a score 3 points from the actual score. He earns a Jarren Reed signed photo. This week's prize is a Shaquill Griffin signed photo. There are many ties at the top of the leaderboard and Brandan runs down the teams with a reminder to continue picking through the playoffs. The winner isn't determined until the entire NFL season is finished.