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Feb 29, 2016

The guys talk about Pete Caroll and John Schneider as they make an appearance at the combine in Indianapolis for their first press conferences since the end of the season. Adam and Brandan talk about the injury updates they offered along with the other bits of information of interest to Seahawks fans. With free agency just around the corner, the guys talk about which current players they would prioritize re-signing and which they could consider parting ways with considering the amount of cap space avaiable.

The guys discuss the franchise tag and how for some players it doesn’t make sense consider just how much the pay scale is thrown off by some of the most elite players within a broad position group. On the topic of guys who want to get elite pay, Michael Bennett dropped his agent in favor of the guy who represented Marshawn Lynch and got BeastMode a nice payday for his final year. They talk about what that could mean going forward.

After the break, the guys have some new music to play during the email portion of the show while we read some of your questions and feedback. Do Better nods go out to Elliot Harrison and the NFL, while the NFL is also heralded in the Better at Life segment along with Lady Gaga.

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