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Mar 31, 2016

A couple weeks back, we looked at the first wave of NFL free agents and now the Seahawks and the rest of the NFL are on to wave two. The guys talk about the impact of Russell Okung heading to Denver, how to gauge how well he did without an agent despite initial media reports talking about how terrible it was, and what the Seahawks are going to do next with their two most senior offensive lineman out the door.

Adam and Brandan get into comments made by Bruce Irvin and how the Seahawks held him back from reaching his full potential. They also try and read into comments by the Seahawks and Kam Chancellor about how everything seems to be good on both sides at this point. What did either side get out of the meeting to feel so great about where they stand now going into the upcoming season.

With the NFL draft less than a month away, the guys talk defensive lineman and a few of the guys on their radar coming out of the combine and who would be available in the first couple rounds for the Seahawks. Even though offensive line appears to be a strong need, Adam and Brandan talk about why it's possible that Seattle won't address the position right away in the draft.

After the break, the guys get into your Facebook comments and emails. They explain why NFL Network and Todd McShay both need to do better. Lastly, why Bryce Harper and Aaron Rodgers and better at life than Skip Bayless.

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