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Jul 22, 2016

With only a week to go until training camp and no major news to concern Seahawks fans, some were a bit worried about the latest comments from Michael Bennett talking about being underpaid. We've heard this story before. Adam and Brandan talk about their two big concerns going into camp: uncertainty on the offensive line and Tyler Lockett hype. With Pete Prisco putting Kam on the top of his list of most overrated players, it's time for another edition of Prisco's World--now with theme music.

The Know Your Rival series continues with James and Bear of the LA Rams Podcast. How well did the trade for Jared Goff go over with them? The guys get into which back will have the better season between Thomas Rawls and Todd Gurley and we need your help figuring out the stakes of this competition. Tweet your #RawlsGurley suggestions to @AdamTheRant and @LA_RAMblingBear.

The Sea Hawkers BBQ is July 30 in Bellevue. Visit for more info. Finally, in do better, the guys team up on Pokemon Go while Nintendo and a former Bears defensive back are better at life.

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