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Jul 29, 2016

A while back the guys talked about being nervous if Training Camp rolled around and John Schneider or Pete Carroll didn't have a new deal. It turns out nobody has to be nervous now that the two are under long-term deals.  Adam and Brandan talk about a couple other news items -- like a new Russell Wilson poster, before moving on to the main topic of the show.

Oscar of the Better Rivals podcast joins us to talk about the "Walsh Lobe" portion of the brain that all 49ers fans who lived through the 80s have. We talk about an offensive line that may be more questionable than the Seahawks and a line that may not know which quarterback they'll be protecting. Oscar offers his thoughts on who he expects to start at that position. Because his Better Rivals isn't just about 49ers football, it's also about having a deeper understanding of the game, we talk about how a quarterback can develop something Adam has mentioned on the show before -- the dreaded "David Carr syndrome."

In the final portion of the show, Adam responds to an upset listener from last week's rant. Do better nods this week go to reporters to attempt to predict schedule strength as well as a former 49ers linebacker who, if it was even him, doesn't know when to leave the camera off. Lastly, two Seattle sports icons are recognized in Better at Life.

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