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Oct 22, 2013

Episode TWELVE is dedicated to the 12th Man. Not only do we get to discuss one of the Seahawks most impressive victories this season against the Cardinals, we bring on a former member of the Seattle Seahawks. Adam and Brandan also talk about the upcoming road game against the Rams. Adam says that a "and hurricane" can't even save the Rams from a loss this week.

Joe Tafoya, a 7-year veteran of the NFL and defensive end for the Seahawks from 2005-2006, joins the Sea Hawkers Podcast to talk about Volume 12. As co-owner of Volume 12, he led the effort behind the record breaking attempt for the loudest crowd roar against the San Francisco 49ers.

One thing is clear, Tafoya is not impressed with the way the Kansas City Chiefs broke the Seahawks noise record. Instead of having the crowd roar be an organic part of the game, he says that Chiefs fans were directed to assemble what fans were remaining in the stadium and let out one big cheer in one final attempt to break Seattle's mark.

In the final segment of the show, Brandan lists some of the top moments in the history of the 12th Man. The show is capped by the Seahawks fans at the Arizona game earning well-deserved recognition for being Better at life than Skip Bayless and also louder than the Cardinals own home crowd.