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Dec 13, 2016

The Seahawks suffer their worst loss since Charlie Whitehurst was in on backup duty for Matt Hasselbeck and the guys talk about how it got so bad on Sunday that Doug Balwin's facemask was throwing interceptions. Adam talks about why he was legitimately to blame for the Seahawks loss and not Russell Wilson or the offensive line, but we still discuss which of the other two could have majorly contributed to the loss.

James and Bear of the LA Rams Podcast join us this week to look ahead to the Thursday night matchup with the Seahawks. With Jeff Fisher getting fired on Monday, does that mean the Rams lose the binder full of trick plays they use against the Seahawks? Not only does LA come into the game with a different head coach, they come in with a different quarterback than we saw Seattle face earlier this season.

In a shortened second half of the show, the guys get to a call and a couple emails that came in before the game. Chris Sims catches Adam's attention with a 60-second video clip that lands him  on the do better list this week. The MVP of the MLS Cup gets Brandan's better at life nod this week as the Seattle Sounders earn a title on Saturday.

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