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Jan 23, 2017

With the Seahawks season coming to a close, the big question being thrown around is wondering if the window for this Seattle team has closed. Adam wonders why we are even asking the question, because from the sounds of the media reports coming out of this game is the conclusion has already been reached. But, anyone making that claim must not actually be paying attention to the personnel this team has or looking around the division at the competition in the NFC West.

Going back to last Saturday, the Seahawks season ends on a 36-20 to the Atlanta Falcons. With a week to reflect on the game, Adam and Brandan take a look back at some of the key moments and debate where things really went off track for the team after they got out to an unusual start for a road playoff game. Some of the same road struggles continued from earlier on this season, from red zone production and pass protection to not getting timely turnovers.

The talk from the Falcons game turns to some listener emails and questions including whether or not the Seahawks should bring back Jimmy Graham. One reporter in the Seattle area makes a claim that the Seahawks, as a team, are no longer a likeable group of players. The guys talk about how Michael Bennett's outburst after the game contributes to that feeling. It leads into the latest controversy surrounding Richard Sherman and an alleged injury that wasn't reported during the season.

In the second portion of the show, the guys talk about some of the things we plan for the offseason and would like to get listeners feedback and thoughts on some things to include. In the mailbag segment Ryan in Fairbanks, Alaska, tells a great story of all the effort that he went through to try and support the Seahawks and ensure that he couldn't be held responsible for a team loss based on his prior history. Aaron in Manitoba runs down a list of everything we as Seahawks fans should be proud of and look forward to with next year's Seahawks team.

Closing out the show, a school district in Maryland makes a terrible decision to fire an employee and a writer already appears to be jinxing a player for the 2017 season. Both need to do better. Better at life nods go to the United States for a peaceful weekend and to the Sea Hawkers and members of the Flock who have contributed toward building a house in Haiti.

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