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Sep 20, 2017

The Seattle Seahawks have eight straight wins in their home opener in the Pete Carroll era, eight straight wins over the 49ers, and we've enduring eight straight quarters of football that has been difficult to watch in terms of the offense. While the issue seemed clear last week, it seems as though there's more to be concerned about after the latest win.

But are we as down on the team this week if two players don't drop touchdown catches? Would we be as concerned if Carlos Hyde didn't break two big runs on the defense? Adam and Brandan sort through where some of the real concerns are and if this is just something that's normal for the start of a Seahawks season.

Apart from the two long runs, the defense stifled the 49ers offense and held Brian Hoyer under 100 yards passing. They almost added a safety, but the refs ruled that Hoyer's "forward progress" kept him out of the end zone. Brandan talks about the "rule snobs" that come out on Twitter when you show any weakness in knowing the NFL rule book.

The guys look ahead to the matchup with the Titans. They break down a term fans might hear a lot this upcoming week, "exotic smashmouth." But what does that mean to play that style of football?  While the Seahawks defense is equipped to go up against any offense, the Titans defense offers similar strengths and vulnerabilities to the Packers team they faced in Week 1.

Sam Gold, founder of NFL Breakdowns and staff writer for Field Gulls, joins the show this week to talk about two big components of the Seattle offense: the zone read and the wide receiver screens.

The NFL gets a "Do Better" this week for mistakes that were made in pulling together nominees for the 2018 Hall of Fame class and

Better at life honors go to former Seahawks receiver Golden Tate for reminding a fan about the reality of football and to Paul Allen who celebrated 20 years of taking ownership of the Seahawks and his role in keeping the team in Seattle.


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