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Jan 29, 2018

As the Seahawks launch into the offseason with a clear goal of running the football better, this week we look at a team who made some dramatic shifts on offense a year ago and ended up playing for a chance at the Super Bowl this year. Adam and Brandan explore if Seattle has the same ability to make the kind of changes that can help make it so just about any running back can have success. They even explore a couple free agent prospects depending on the type of direction the team may want to go.

Now that Tom Cable is in Oakland, are there any Seahawks players he might want to bring with him? Germaine Ifedi and Justin Britt would be two clear candidates and there is a relationship between the two teams to make things happen. Mock draft season is kicking off and two of the more prominent names in the media have seemed to agree on the narrative we'll be hearing from the national media on how the Seahawks should approach the draft.

To talk about the Seahawks run game and a common myth held in the NFL, Sean Clement joins the show to talk about one of his latest articles on Field Gulls. Sean did a statistical analysis on running plays in the NFL to dispel the idea that teams can "establish the run" in the way that short gains early on end up turning into bigger gains later in the game. It doesn't mean teams shouldn't run the ball, but it does mean that you should be good at running the ball to have an impact at any point during the game.

In the second half of the show, the guys talk about more coaching changes announced this past week. The pick'em league wraps up this coming week, but while it looks like the top spot is already locked up there is still a big prize on the table for second place. Tune in to find out who needs to 'do better' this week and why a Giants receiver and the brother of a Seahawks player are 'better at life.'

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