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Feb 12, 2018

The biggest news of the week seems to be the Russell Wilson trade from the Rangers to the New York Yankees. With media speculation about how this could impact the Seahawks, Adam and Brandan talk about how this will in no way have an impact and the reasons why.

With the NFL Combine approaching, Rob Staton of joins us for the first time this offseason and covers a lot of ground with some of his top picks from the Senior Bowl to join the Seahawks. He talks about what it would likely take in terms of personnel moves to get the John Schneider to stick with the 18th pick overall. Considering the amount of talent among running backs this year, Rob advocates for taking a guy in the first two rounds to get a player with top tier talent.

To help Seahawks fans enjoy the Combine, Rob explains some of the things to look for while watching the event to try and identify players the Seahawks might be interested in. He explains the measurements among running backs to key in on, watching the mirror drills with the offensive linemen, and the importance Seattle places on the short shuttle for linebackers.

A recent article talks about the Seahawks 2017 draft and gives Seattle a C grade. The guys talk about what the criteria should be for grading a draft at this point. Seattle clearly deserves higher, but one other team in the NFC West clearly did better than the others.

Prize winners for the pick'em league are announced along with their prizes. Both Adam and Brandan find out that customer service representatives from two different companies are putting off work to their customers that the companies should be doing themselves. We get into some emails before do better shots go to a rodent killer boarding a plane and the Colts general manager. Better at life nods go to the scientists behind "super wood" and to a Washington product for his level of preparation leading up to the Super Bowl.

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