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Dec 31, 2022

This week on PNW Prop Stars, Adam rifles in his picks from the middle of an atmospheric river from an undisclosed location in Eastern Oregon. He bets on the Geno show to keep on rocking, Clinton thinks the party may be over and takes the under. Wilson, meanwhile, is unconvinced about the alleged talents of Mike...

Dec 30, 2022

The Seattle Seahawks continue to struggle after the bye week. This past week, the defense was able to hold together well enough, but the offense struggled to put points on the board. Has that changed our feelings at all as to how the Seahawks should approach a potential contract this offseason with Geno Smith?...

Dec 30, 2022

The uncensored (catfish free) episode for our members of the Flock.

Dec 29, 2022

J-E-T-S Suck, Suck, Suck??? If we have to spell it our for you we will! This week we look at our unique spelling "B", we'll discuss what might spell TROUBLE for Geno and our offense, and we ask, what will spell RELIEF for what ails our sliding Seahawks.

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Dec 27, 2022

Brandan and Clinton discuss the Chiefs game that was. Another tough battle where we just didn't seem to have the consistent firepower to put points on the board as we take our 5th loss in 6 games.

Mafe continues to play good run D, Forsythe stepped out for an injured Abe and yet not all fill-in players were positives as...