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Jun 4, 2018

The Seahawks continue their OTAs and are also continuing to add to the roster. Brandon Marshall signed with the Seahawks this past week to a low-risk contract. Can Marshall be successful with Seattle at 34? There's one player who he compares well to who also played into his mid 30s at the end of his career bouncing from team to team. The guys explore some of his history and how it could impact the team.

Pete Carroll and the two coordinators spoke to the media last week. There was a difference in sincerity in Carroll's voice when it came to hyping up his two new coaches. He also was hyping up one of his second-year receivers. Which one could step up this year and how are things going to shake out with this year's group of running backs. Schotty seems to be the go-to nickname for the new OC, but the guys are exploring other options and it leads to a rather lengthy discussion about Schotty's headwear.

Ken Norton is back in Seattle and local reporters may need to be reminded that he coaches the entire defense now, not just the linebackers. The guys also have thoughts on an accessory for Norton this season to work against his counterpart on offense.

Cliff Avril had some things to say about how things could have been different based on the play that shall not be named. But the media seems to be misinterpreting Avril's comments as somehow being anti-Carroll. Had things gone the Seahawks way at the end of that game, would it really have changed anything over the past three years? The NFL Top 100 continues and Earl Thomas drops again this year after having one of his best seasons. The guys talk about what Seahawks players we can expect to see in the top 40 and where will Russell Wilson rank out among the quarterbacks?

Closing out the show with do better, Adam calls out a news site for a "story" and takes the time to read the entire story. Brandan goes after Twitter for a feature that continues to cause problems on their platform. Better at life nods this week go to a national park getting rid of the second biggest problem in America and to an NFL player who is putting his new degree to good use.