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Jun 21, 2018

Minicamp has wrapped up for the Seahawks and now the team goes into a long six week stretch of the offseason before training camp starts up around the end of July. The purpose of mini camp and OTAs was clearly to hype up as many players as possible as Coach Carroll runs through a list of players who looked great.

Earl Thomas was the only Seahawks player who didn't show up and joins other players in the division like Aaron Donald and David Johnson who are sitting out to try and get a new contract. Adam and Brandan run through the arguments commonly used against players who want more money as Adam calls out anyone who is against Thomas as being "pro-billionaire." Which strangely leads into a discussion about Paul Allen's Stratolaunch - the world's largest airplane.

The NFL's Top 100 list continues and the guys pick up on the list of quarterbacks and the players who ranked out before Russell Wilson made his highest appearance on the list at number 11. Bobby Wagner shows up at the top linebacker behind Luke Kuechly.

In the second half of the show, after a discussion about Terrell Owens' decision to forego giving a speech at the Hall of Fame ceremony, the guys get away from football talk to discuss a response from visor nation, Montana's "Testy Festy," the Mandela effect, and how the word about giving someone a thumbs down is spreading across the nation.

After thanking some new members of the flock, it seems like we have a new listener goal of 3,000 members to get Adam into a pair of short shorts while wearing a man bun visor and doing the flute dance from this past season. Seriously, if you haven't seen the Billy Bob Man Bun Visor, you should stop what you're doing to check it out.

Closing out the show, we get some closure on why Adam is against leaf blowers despite all of the evidence listeners mail in to demonstrate their usefulness. A disgruntled employee at Tesla and golfer Phil Mickelson need to do better, while better at life honors go to one of the top movies of all time and to former Seahawks Matt Hasselbeck and Mike Holmgren.

A special thanks to Associate Producer Dustin Mock!

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