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Apr 2, 2019

Michael-Shawn Dugar of the Athletic and the Seahawks Man 2 Man Podcast joins the show this week to talk about the NFL's Annual League Meeting down in Arizona and his encounter with coach Pete Carroll who is challenging the popular opinion of the most important meal of the day. Brandan and Mike talk about the departure of Earl Thomas and how the best move the Seahawks made was to stay away from paying high-priced free agents. 

A couple big takeaways from the meetings in Arizona is just how reactionary the league continues to be when it comes to changing the rules. Pass interference is now reviewable and we may see a change down the road to how playoff games are handled in overtime after Tom Brady quickly scored on the Chiefs to send New England to another Super Bowl.

Sam Marcoux, co-host of the Perfectville Podcast, jumps on later in the show to talk about his feelings on the change to make pass interference calls reviewable. He clearly still holds a grudge against Doug Baldwin after the Seahawks beat Miami back in 2016. What will be some of the consequences of the rule change? The guys talk about expectations of increased game time, how coaches will save their challenges specifically for pass interference calls, and maybe some increases in seeing offensive pass interference calls. The hope of course is that the implementation results in making sure the calls on the field are correct.

While we don't often talk about the Dolphins on the show, Miami can show Seahawks fans just how difficult it can be to replace a franchise quarterback. Ryan Tannehill is now out and at least Dolphins fans are starting to see a plan in place for having a tough year or two with the potential that they can be this year's Cleveland Browns sometime in the near future.

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