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Aug 16, 2019

The Seahawks face off against the Vikings on Saturday and are coming off their annual preseason win over the Broncos (though they didn't play them last year until the regular season). We discuss some of the things that stood out from the Broncos game and how that performance by Paxton Lynch didn't excited Adam at all about the potential for solidifying the backup spot behind Russell Wilson.

Talking about the Vikings gets Adam to the point of cutting down just about every other NFC team that he can think of who might be considered contenders. Brandan talks about the Zeke Elliott contract situation and how this could be a preview of what to expect for a running back like Chris Carson who could be forced into a similar situation because running backs have to try and get paid before they start to approach 30 years old.

Thanks to Kofi for posting a great video that is best to be watched and not listened to, because he adds to the production value, check it out on YouTube here:

Sea Hawkers Podcast, Top 5 Adam Emmert Rants

We talk about where we've been over the past week, how to get into the pick'em league this year, and after welcoming some new members of the flock we talk about what to expect from the show this season with Adam's increased in-season workload. Russell Wilson gets a do better nod for his latest hairstyle in a recent video as Adam goes after the hotel he's in for not having a functioning elevator. Adam gives some positive recognition to one of the first places he worked in his current profession and Brandan honors Russell Wilson to close out the show for his latest investment into the Seattle sports scene.

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