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Feb 7, 2014

Not only did your Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl, they did it by dominating the top offense in NFL history. The crushing Seattle defense held Peyton Manning and their record-breaking scoring offense to only one touchdown in a 43-8 win in Super Bowl XLVIII.

You know the three phases of the game (offense, defense and special teams), but Adam tells Brandan about a fourth phase that the 12s have proven to have a direct impact on and are the inspiration for this phase of the game.

Brandan talks about his experience in New York and New Jersey in both the "Do Better" and "Better at Life" segments. Listen in to find out who falls into each category.

The guys wrap up the season by thanking those of you who have listened in on the show and lay out plans for how the offseason of the show might go. It's been an incredible first season of the show and an even more incredible season for the Seahawks. Let's do it again in 2014/2015!