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Oct 10, 2019

Nearly a week after the Seahawks game, Brandan and Adam help re-live some of the top moments from the game by pulling up the Steve Raible highlights. Will Dissly and DK Metcalf had two of the longest catches on the day, while Tyler Lockett and Tedrick Thompson competed for who had the most spectacular catch.

In previewing the upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns, we take a look at the pass rushers and how the Seahawks are going from a defensive line full of players who can cause the Seahawks problems to one or two players who are disruptive on the Browns defensive line. The Browns secondary has been struggling with injury issues, but could get two of their young players back this week. On the offensive side of the ball, the Seahawks need to stop the run to have success and just how poorly has Mayfield performed while under pressure?

After the break, we look at some of the history between the Seahawks and Browns and how the Seahawks could match a road record that goes all the way back to 1980 with a win in Cleveland on Sunday. This week's 'Do Better' segment features Ziggy Ansah and a variety of backup options that were available to the Steelers on Sunday instead of a motorized cart. We close the show by honoring the Seahawks general manager as well as NFL analyst David Carr for appropriately vaulting Russell Wilson to the appropriate spot in his offensive player rankings.

Topics discussed:

  • The play that set up the Seahawks first touchdown (4:03)
  • Tyler Lockett continues to make the Baldwin plays (6:26)
  • DK Metcalf finds the end zone once again (9:45)
  • National media finally recognizing Russell as an MVP candidate (11:48)
  • Potential for a new QB Advanced Stat (15:35)
  • Clowney helps the Seahawks win the turnover battle (19:46)
  • Seahawks win in the red zone (22:44)
  • Rooting for the 49ers versus the Rams (24:48)
  • Sunday's matchup versus the Browns (26:11)
  • A look at Cleveland's pass rush (27:36)
  • What stood out from the Browns game versus the 49ers (31:41)
  • Will the Browns get their two top corners back for this game? (34:44)
  • Mayfield's passer rating under pressure (37:02)
  • Road win could put the Seahawks in a relatively unique spot (42:59)
  • What should the Seahawks do at free safety? (47:45)
  • Welcome to the flock (54:00)
  • Do Better: Ziggy Ansah (1:04:26)
  • Do Better: Backup options for motorized carts (1:07:16)
  • Better at life: John Schneider (1:14:02)
  • Better at life: David Carr (1:16:09)

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