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Oct 17, 2019

After another outstanding performance by Russell Wilson on Sunday, we take some time kicking off this week's episode with a look at some of the milestones that Russ has reached so far and one on the horizon that Tom Brady has held for about 10 years. We also look at one of the position groups that is playing at a high level that maybe didn't have the highest expectations coming into the 2019 season. And looking back at the Browns game, we highlight two of the top plays that should make the year-end highlight reel.

Since it seems as though everyone wants to point fingers at the officials, we find a list from a Browns fan who details his biggest officiating complaints and we go down the list on the ones we agree and disagree with. Moving beyond that we look ahead to the Sunday matchup with the Baltimore Ravens and discuss Earl Thomas and the move we probably won't see from Pete Carroll when he sees ET3 back at CenturyLink for the first time.

This episode may mark the final time that we visit Prisco's World, because now the lines are blurring of whether or not we're living in his world or he's living in ours. We hear from little mch, and Adam asks the question of what it might take to get Von Miller on the Seahawks. In the Do Better segment Adam goes after People Magazine, and Brandan goes after a new term that's getting a lot of attention based on the poor officiating. Better at life honors go to the Rams general manager for continuing to make bad moves and to the Seattle Dragons for picking up two former Seahawks receivers who were fan favorites.

Topics include:

  • Russell Wilson's growing list of accomplishments (1:34)
  • Wide receiver group has been impressive (4:15)
  • Two favorite plays from the Browns game (12:50)
  • Russell Wilson has one thing left to perfect (16:50)
  • Browns fan complaints about the refs (21:46)
  • Best team of the AFC North coming to Seattle next (30:26)
  • Ravens get Marcus Peters in Rams trade flurry (34:53)
  • Past matchups with the Baltimore Ravens (37:50)
  • Seahawks defense matching up against the Ravens offense (40:08)
  • Earl Thomas returns to CenturyLink (45:35)
  • Ravens 2003 comeback against the Seahawks in Baltimore (48:22)
  • Are we now living in Prisco's World? (50:41)
  • Welcome to the Flock (55:23)
  • Could the Seahawks trade for Von Miller (1:01:03)
  • People Magazine Advertorial (1:14:21)
  • Sky judge is an elitist term (1:17:41)
  • Better at life: Les Snead (1:23:33)
  • Better at life: Seattle Dragons (1:25:20)

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