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Oct 24, 2019

With the NFL Trade deadline still a few days away, the Seahawks have made a trade with the Detroit Lions to bring in Quandre Diggs to help with the struggling safety group. Adam and Brandan evaluate the trade as well as how the roster is currently constructed on defense. Detroit Lions fans appear to be upset about the trade and they've found one of the better online reactions to play on the show.

Looking back to the Ravens game, Adam points out the turning point where things really started to go downhill for the Seahawks and the moment wasn't the Russell Wilson interception (which may have taken Russ out of the MVP discussion now that he's no longer perfect on the season). One thing Wilson is - one of the best at coming back and getting a win the week after taking a loss. But it's possible, based on what we've seen from the team previously, is that this could be another frustrating victory.

In the second half of the show, we welcome some new members of the flock, read some email that came in from the past week and discuss a potential trade target for the defensive line. Do better call outs go to a high school coach who lost his job over some serious integrity issues, and to the Jets for whining about Darnold's audio that was broadcast during the game. Better at life honors go to Shaq for his help given to an Atlanta family and to John Schneider for his latest trade

Topics discussed:

  • Seahawks trade 2020 5th round pick for Quandre Diggs (1:12)
  • Is there any trade on defense that would be a surprise? (5:36)
  • Detroit fan reaction of the Diggs trade (8:04)
  • Should an NFL defense be built around linebackers? (12:03)
  • The turning point in the Seahawks vs Ravens game (14:57)
  • Carroll makes a ridiculous PI challenge (20:52)
  • Adam's breakdown on the Russell Wilson interception (26:13)
  • Seahawks could not stop the Ravens on the ground (32:11)
  • Accepting blame for the Seahawks loss (35:50)
  • The top bounce back QB since 1970 (41:40)
  • Russell Wilson is now out of the MVP consideration (44:22)
  • Is this setting up for another frustrating win? (46:19)
  • Welcome to the Flock (51:54)
  • Would the Chargers trade Melvin Ingram? (55:12)
  • Do Better: High School coach who wants to win at all costs (1:12:56)
  • Do Better: Jets crying about the Monday Night audio (1:18:34)
  • Better at Life: Shaq (1:21:52)
  • Better at Life: John Schneider (1:23:42)

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