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Apr 22, 2020

We've got Rob Staton back on the podcast for one last show before the draft. Prior to the show, we listened in to the press conference with Pete Carroll and John Schneider and discuss some of our takeaways regarding the ongoing situation with Jadeveon Clowney, the state of the Seahawks pass rush, and how the focus on the offensive line in free agency. Considering the lack of immediate contributors at the defensive end spot, it may be better for the Seahawks to look toward the defensive interior or consider weapons for Russell Wilson either at receiver or at running back. Rob talks about how Jonathan Taylor can't help but talk about the Seahawks even when he's asked about other NFL teams.

At the Seahawks Draft Blog, there's a draft board that is loaded with potential Seahawks draft picks that Rob believes should be on Pete and John's radar when it comes to the different rounds. Sure, there may be some surprises, but if you study up on that list, it's likely you'll become familiar with players who Seattle ultimately selects this Thursday through Saturday.

If you want to join in booing the NFL Commissioner, @elloMK is pulling together a group of 100 Seahawks fans on Twitter and may still have some spots available.

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