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Dec 3, 2020

The Seattle Seahawks offense looked flat through the fourth quarter and even at other times of the game, but thankfully they had DK Metcalf who appears to have some sort of vendetta against the Eagles. The story of Jim Schwartz coming up to him ahead of the game and comparing him to Calvin Johnson was well documented, but Metcalf's postgame comments about how Philly could have been his home also seems to strike a nerve for the sophomore receiver.

Even though we expected to see improvements from the defense in this game, it demonstrated the team's ability to look how it should when the pass rush, linebackers and corners are able to complement one another. We also discuss the perspective some fans and some in the media are still downplaying the seasons that Metcalf and Jamal Adams are having for the Seahawks this year.

Looking ahead to the game against the Giants, we talk about a couple of their players to watch on defense. Daniel Jones looks like an injury suffered against the Bengals will keep him out of the lineup this week. Jones has been able to make up for some of the deficiencies in the Giants offensive line, so with Colt McCoy now in the lineup it may be a challenge to get the ball to a more talented receiving corps than the Seahawks saw last week.

In the second half of the show we talk about the San Francisco 49ers move to Arizona for their next couple "home" games. Talk a little bit about the Broncos and how they looked without a quarterback against the Saints and how this week's win over the Eagles could come into play for playoff seeding. 'Do Better' callouts go out to Bruce Arians and to the Seahawks official auction site. Better at Life honors go to the continued monolith hijinks discussed last week and to the Detroit Lions Reddit community for honoring the quarterback that helped force Matt Patricia out of town.

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