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Dec 11, 2020

After watching what was the worst Russell Wilson performance we've seen this season, this show's listeners apparently want to throw us, the hosts of the podcast, under the bus. It's hard to blame them, because a lot about this last game didn't make a lot of sense, so we've got too point fingers at something. While it's difficult to point to the exact issue with Russ, we give it our best attempt from what we've seen looking back at the game.

Coming up on Sunday, Seahawks fans now have to worry about and wonder if Seattle can get things back together well enough to get a win over the Jets and avoid being swept by the state of New York. Sam Darnold is coming off the best game of his season where he only turned the ball over three times, the defense played well enough for about 15 seconds short of a full 60 minutes to win, and the Jets are likely going to be without their best running back and wide receiver. So what are we worried about again?

In the second half of the show, we take a look around the division and also talk about some of the some of the latest team news regarding Josh Gordon and Rashaad Penny. We discuss the aftermath of the unboxing of the B.J. Finney pants that came in the mail last week. (Note: we are still taking some suggestions on what the fate of those should be.) Congratulations go out to Hyde and Seek and What A Hasselbeck for their pick'em performances the last two weeks. Also a congrats to Doc Scott on a career milestone and release of his Essential Mix on BBC Radio.

Barry Sanders and Adam's Sunday both fall into the Do Better slots this week, while the Olympic Committee and Space X team each earn Better At Life honors.

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