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Jun 19, 2021

Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll both had some newsworthy quotes coming out of the week of minicamp, but it was a quote from Tyler Lockett that should have Seahawks fans excited around the potential of the new offense in 2021. Lockett spoke directly to issues the team had throughout the final weeks of last season and the importance of addressing those issues this year. Russell Wilson also talked about the new offense, but the majority of questions for him surrounded the offseason drama. At least he had the opportunity to give us the "real reality" of how he saw things.

Jamal Adams is due for a new contract and was excused from minicamp. Does Jamal deserve to be paid as the highest safety or at a contract similar to some of the best outside linebackers? Duane Brown has also expressed the desire for a new contract and we discuss why that could be really good news for Wilson and the Seahawks. One player not looking for a new contract is punter Michael Dickson who is locked up for the next five years with the team and his now paid among the top punters in the NFL.

In the second half of the show we talk about the Seahawks defense and which issues are critical to the team's success beyond this year. Russ mentioned how odd it was to see Carlos Dunlap wearing number 8. Does it create a similar clash that has been an issue in the past with wide receivers who pick numbers in the teens? Generation Z and media outlets who use the phrase "is getting criticism on Twitter" need to Do Better. Better at Life honors go to a member of the media who called out bad questions at press conferences and to Ryan Fitzpatrick for the way he showed up to his first day of work.

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