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Aug 14, 2014

The Seahawks lose their first preseason game and fail to get to double digits for consecutive preseason wins. Clearly the Denver Broncos have a decision to make as to which of their players deserve to be honored with a commemorative statue to mark this monumental occasion. Adam and Brandan talk about some of the worst quotes and takes to come out of the loss, including one from our pal Skip Bayless.

With the Chargers game next on the schedule, the guys offer their thoughts on what they plan to keep an eye on from the offensive line to the linebacking corps and if, even in the preseason, teams will continue to stay away from Richard Sherman's side of the field.

Emmy-award winning writer and producer Mark Tye Turner is welcomed back to the program from his home in Richard Sherman Oaks, California. He now has a new book: Seattle Seahawks Super Season: Notes from a 12 on the best season in Seahawks history. We talk last season, expectations for this year, and a Seahawks touchdown dance that is unlike no other.

In the show's last segment Adam proposes a weekly pick 'em contest to see which listeners are best at picking games on a week-to-week basis. Adam's wants Broncos announcers to "do better," Brandan thinks it would be more fun for the NFL injury announcements to be more like the PGA. In Better at Life, Adam honors the passing of Robin Williams by playing a favorite clip he shares with Brandan and Coach Carroll. With the induction of Walter Jones into the Hall of Fame, he also deserves enshrinement as a member of the Better at Life community.