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Oct 13, 2021

The Seahawks organization and fans have entered uncharted territory in the Russell Wilson era. For the first time, it appears as though we'll be watching another quarterback start under center  since 2012. What does that mean for the team? Drama. It's likely to create a ton of drama unless certain conditions are met over the course of the next few games. We talk about what those conditions are, and why seeing Geno Smith play well over the next few games could have a big impact on the franchise moving forward.

How about Geno though? He comes in and moves the team down the field on a 98-yard touchdown drive. He even had the opportunity late in the game to engineer a game-winning drive. Normally those situations come with a lot of added stress. Did anyone feel stressed in that moment? If not, does that mean the rest of this season could have a very different feeling than previous years?

Looking ahead to the schedule, what are the expectations for this team considering the level of play we've seen from other teams in the conference. We look ahead to the schedule and see what win-loss markers the team will need to hit to make it into the playoffs.

In the second half of the show, we talk about Russell Wilson continued optimism and discuss the other teams in the division. Cole Beasley and at least four teams in the pick'em need to Do Better. Better at life honors go to Lamar Jackson and our Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

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