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Jan 30, 2022

Seahawks fans got what might be the worst possible outcome for this year's NFC Championship game. While there wasn't a whole lot of love for long-time greats Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, having one of your rivals guaranteed to make the Super Bowl makes it a tough game to watch. However, Tom Brady is upstaging the entire weekend after a report by ESPN said that he would be retiring this offseason. His TB12 Sports account congratulated Tom and then deleted the tweet when word came out that a decision has not been made. Multiple teammates even came out praising his time in the league. Were they not able to check in with him to know for sure if he's retiring? Why can't Brady just announce his decision and have a press conference when he's ready?

There's a general attitude among some Seahawks fans that the franchise's general manager John Schneider is bad at drafting NFL talent. We go through some of the recent drafts to see if that narrative is correct. What's the best way to determine if Schneider is better than your average GM at picking players?

In the second half of the show, we talk about why overtime rules are so hotly debated and why the current rule is fine as is even though there are some intriguing options being discussed. Closing the show we call out eBay and a writer for suggesting there are reasons to cheer for the Rams. Better at life honors go to the NFL (albeit sarcastically) and to Secret Base for a glorious 15-minute reminder of one of their greatest and most improbable comeback victories.