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Nov 19, 2022

The Seahawks head into their bye week at 6-4 after some record predictions had Seattle at the bottom of the NFC West and winning only three games. With the loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs, they fall to 0-3 against the NFC South. We talk about what we want to see against the Panthers game in a few weeks to give us hope for the playoffs. If they hope to get there, there's one play that teams are going to continue to run against them until they figure out how to defend it. Could we see more man-to-man defense?

Fortunately our Seahawks still have a winning record and the top spot in the division. Down in Denver, however, the Let's Ride Curse continues to impact the Broncos season. According to a former Seahawks player, Russell Wilson is losing his mind and using terminology that isn't even in the Broncos playbook.

As we look ahead to the second half of the season, there is a factor that could come into play with so many young starters on the team. We discuss the 'rookie wall' and why it could be a factor, the players who could fight through it, and the guys who could hurt the team most if they hit in.

Before we even get to the Mexico City game coming up on Monday, the expectation is that Cardinals fans need to do better. Bill Cowher needs to do better if he's going to be talking about putting in the work before someone deserves a head coaching job. Richard Sherman gets another Better at Life crown as the man who spawned the segment and the German 12s are recognized for their hospitality and enthusiasm at the game this week.

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