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Jul 23, 2023

How do we characterize our sports hate for the Los Angeles Rams? Because it's a different type of hate compared to other rivals for the division. We discuss why the 2023 Rams are a benchmark team to decide how different analysts look at the game of football. With stars at a few skill positions, a beloved head coach in the media and 14 new draft picks added to the team, the Rams have something to love for a number of different media types.

What has to come together for a successful Rams season? They need to stay healthy, they need to hit on a large number of draft picks and they need to get off to a good start despite a schedule that is heavily stacked against them. Signing some free agents would also help, but it's unlikely that we'll see that from the LA front office.

We talk about the recent launch of the Seahawks throwback uniforms. There is one key thing the Seahawks need to do to make the season more enjoyable with the throwbacks. We talk about why a pair of former NFL players and a mayor from a town in France need to do better. Better at life honors go to an Australian sailor and to our Seahawks team.

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