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Jun 7, 2024

Seahawks OTAs wrapped up this week and we had a chance to hear from a few players on offense, as well as our new offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb. We heard a consistent message from players like Geno Smith, Pharoah Brown and Sam Howell about the offense being "quarterback friendly" which translates into a lot of downfield throws. But Grubb's message was a little bit different in talking about play action and having to adjust from the college to the professional game. Can both these things be true or is something missing?

We also picked up on a trait that stands out from Coach Grubb in his transition from college to the NFL. It's a personality trait that a lot of the failed college coaches don't seem to have. We learned this week that head coach Mike Macdonald has dreams about some of his Seahawks players, and he made a tactical decision to avoid naming names. Jay Harbaugh talked extensively about the new kick off rule and we're here to talk about the highlights (we may even want to talk about this more on future shows).

In the second half of the show, we have an announcement regarding the games we plan to meet up with the Flock at during the 2024 season. We're looking at going to at least one road game and one home game. We call out a writer at CBS for a trade strategy that doesn't make much sense for the 2024 season and a national chain for randomly inserting themselves into random transactions. Better at life honors go out to a GPS company and for a moment from Mike Macdonald that made us say, "That's our coach!"

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