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Jan 28, 2015

Days away from watching the Seahawks appear in their third Super Bowl in team history, Adam and Brandan are joined by Gerrad this week to break down the matchup with the New England Patriots. The guys start by listening in on 90 hilarious seconds of Bill Belichick's press conference where it talks about the deflated balls . . . footballs, before moving on to some real analysis.

From how the two teams matchup broadly on each side of the ball to individual matchups with the Rob Gronkowski, Marshawn Lynch, and who might be spying on Russell Wilson, the guys cover as much ground as possible in looking at the different aspects of this game.

BostonHawk, Dave Bloomquist, joins the show from deep in Patriots territory to talk about how the Seahawks are perceived by opposing fans in the area. He also talks about his ingenious ploy to get Patriots fans to help him showcase the 12 flag at a variety of Boston landmarks.

After offering predictions on the game, Gerrad heads out while Adam and Brandan get into your emails. Adam offers a sincere apology while putting himself in the "Do Better" slot and Brandan goes after Rich Eisen. The guys wrap up the show with Better at Life nominees Brandon Browner and a highlight of an amazing sendoff by fans when the Seahawks departed for Glendale.