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Jun 10, 2016

The Big Show. In 1999, Mike Holmgren walked away from a deal with the Packers to be the highest paid head coach. But Holmgren wanted more than what Green Bay was willing to offer--he wanted to have full control over personnel. The Seahawks were willing to give that to him.

Despite having those general manager duties taken away, Holmgren delivered. He created a winning culture in Seattle, something that had been lost for a decade. Holmgren transitioned the team from the AFC West to the NFC West. He transitioned the team from the Kingdome to Seahawks Stadium.

He coached some incredible talent during his time with the Seahawks, too. Matt Hasselbeck held just about every important Seahawks quarterback record. Shaun Alexander held every rushing record. Walter Jones grew to become one of the most talented left tackles to ever play the game. And maybe most important of all, he took this franchise to its first Super Bowl.

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