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Nov 26, 2018

Four weeks ago, we said the Seahawks needed to go 2-2 over at tough four-game stretch where they faced the Chargers, Rams, Packers and Panthers. Seattle got the job done, despite falling in a 0-2 hole, but now they are back on track after handing Cam Newton his first home loss in Carolina this season. A missed field goal late in the fourth quarter gave the ball back to Seattle and a huge pass to Tyler Lockett set up the game winning field goal and the 30-27 victory.

Lockett was outstanding in this game and David Moore caught a ball on a rope from Russell Wilson on fourth down to tie the game up in the fourth quarter. Adam says he wants all the Seahawks receivers to watch what Lockett does after he catches the football. Chris Carson didn't have a lot of yardage in this game, but he certainly made the highlight reel with a full flip where he landed on his feet.

Wilson gets another stat on the road and is now has more regular season wins than any Seahawks quarterback in franchise history. We'll be talking about that along with the matchup against the 49ers in the show later this week.