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Dec 29, 2018

With the win over the Chiefs on Sunday, Seattle continues to improve their record at home in prime time and they continued a undefeated streak. Since Russell Wilson joined the Seahawks, Seattle is 52-0 after leading by four points at halftime. Which seems to go against the idea that you have to wait until the fourth quarter to win the game, but we shouldn't say anything definitively for the fear of jinxing it in the future. Adam was called away to Louisiana for a work emergency, so this show will feature our regular weekly conversation with Anthony of the Nach on Sports along with a few bonus topics that we recorded after the regular segment.

After beating Kansas City, what's the outlook in the playoffs for Seattle.  They're very likely headed to Dallas next weekend to play the Cowboys, but there are some other possibilities. Brandan talks about what could be the best road ahead for the team. With the playoff spot locked up, should Seattle consider resting some of their players heading into the playoffs? We get into which players should play and which ones should rest.

Looking at potential coaching changes going into the final week of the season, Brandan picks who he thinks should stay and who should go. Coach Pete Carroll is safe now that he just signed an extension this past week and Anthony wonders if he doesn't quite get the attention he deserves as one of the two best coaches in the NFL. After running through potential coaching changes, Anthony offers his picks for NFL MVP, rookies of the year on both sides of the football and the NFL's top coach this season.

Closing out the show with a look at the pick'em leaderboard and some email, there's a lot of curiosity around Michael Dickson's ability to perform drop kicks and whether or not it could be executed to help score points. Scott sends along some takeaways following the Chiefs game and Jeff had a hopeful prediction for the final moments of the Chiefs game that didn't play out, but set the bar for some future predictions.

Special thanks to Associate Producer Dustin Mock!

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