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May 28, 2016

Beginning May 29, look for two full weeks of daily shows from the Sea Hawkers Podcast as we run down the Top 15 Former Seahawks Every Fan Should Know. In this show the guys talk about the criteria for making the list. First, no Hall of Famers: these are already guys you MUST know. Second, no players who played for Pete Carroll. Finally, it should also be known that these may not be the best players who played in Seattle, but are players you ought to know as a Seahawks fan.

Additionally, the Sea Hawkers Podcast is a finalist for the 11th Annual Podcast Awards! Beginning May 29, you can visit and vote for our show in the Sports and Recreation category. We'll need all the help we can get from you to help put us over the top against some incredibly popular shows. Help by getting the word out to fellow Seahawks fans that you can vote every day up until June 12.

Thanks to everyone who helped by nominating us! Now that we're in the playoffs, it's time go get the win!

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