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Dec 15, 2018

To recap the latest victory over the Vikings and look ahead to this Sunday's matchup with the 49ers, Brandan joins the Nach on Sports in Kalispell to discuss the games. Brandan talks about how people complaining over Bobby Wagner's blocked field goal need to ask themselves if they want to see more amazing plays in the NFL or fewer amazing plays. Anthony reminisces back to a time when defensive backs were allowed to be more physical when facing wide receivers.

The same formula for stopping the 49ers two weeks ago still applies: stop the tight end George Kittle. It was something the Denver Broncos weren't able to do and they ended up taking the loss. Apart from Russell Wilson, who is the most valuable Seahawks player this season? Brandan has the answer.

Anthony Nachreiner is the host of the Nach on Sports on 600 AM KGEZ in Kalispell, MT. Anthony is an avid Buccaneers fan living in a local Montana market that primarily favors the Seahawks.