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Sep 18, 2018

Maybe the show title is missing a question mark. When it comes to a commitment to the run game, it seems like three straight runs to start the game was enough, because Seattle completely moved away with it and had no success through the second and third quarters. The clear lack of a run game was the story of the game as...

Sep 14, 2018

What were the biggest issues coming out of the game against the Broncos? Was it the 21 pressures allowed by the offensive line or the defensive line's inability to get pressure on Case Keenum? Was it the inexperience of Tre Flowers at corner or the dominant performance by Emmanuel Sanders? Why does the Denver Broncos...

Sep 12, 2018

3 IN, 3 OUT is a fast-paced look at 3 things that excited us about our 'Hawks and 3 things that left us scratching our head 'Hawk-filled heads. This week we look at week 1 vs. the Broncos and try to ignore all things Von Miller.

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Sep 10, 2018

Miscommunications on defense led to the Broncos scoring two touchdowns in the first half, but turnovers helped to keep the score close and a pick by Earl Thomas led to an early touchdown for Seattle. Fourth round pick Will Dissly had a huge game in the first half with more than 100 yards receiving and the Seahawks...

Sep 7, 2018

Making note that any "disrespect has been well noted" Earl Thomas returned to the Seahawks this week early enough that he could be ready to play in the opener against the Broncos. Can we be certain that the disrespect he speaks of is directed at the Seahawks or was it from fans and other teams around the league?...