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Jan 6, 2019

Seattle made it abundantly clear in this game, they were sticking with the same formula they used in the Week 3 game. Run the ball no matter what and wait for the Cowboys to make a mistake. The problem was the one mistake they made was on their side of the field and the Seahawks couldn't capitalize unless they had a short field.

Even when they had a short field in the third quarter, it took four downs and an incredible sideline catch from Doug Baldwin to put them in position for a touchdown. After the Baldwin catch, it looked like they had finally adjusted to what the Cowboys were doing. Dallas was completely selling out to stop Chris Carson, so Russell kept the ball and made some plays.

The problem was they didn't adjust. They continued to pound into the brick was that was the Dallas defensive front on first down. Over. And over. And over.

Clinton Bonner joins Adam and Brandan for the reaction show this week. As a passionate supporter to give Chris Carson the ball all season, Clinton finds it hard to be too critical, but Adam makes the point that this was how effective the run was this season. It was so good that Dallas was throwing everything they had to stop it, and it was on the Seahawks coaches to adjust and take what the defense was giving them.

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