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Sep 10, 2018

Miscommunications on defense led to the Broncos scoring two touchdowns in the first half, but turnovers helped to keep the score close and a pick by Earl Thomas led to an early touchdown for Seattle. Fourth round pick Will Dissly had a huge game in the first half with more than 100 yards receiving and the Seahawks first touchdown of the year.

A missed field goal by the Seabass was the difference in the game, but can we really be sure that the former Raiders kicker is the same guy Seattle signed or is there some trickery going on? 

Russell Wilson brought the team from behind with a fourth quarter bomb to Tyler Lockett, but it was the Broncos receiver who was able to celebrate convincingly enough for a conference between officials to swing a call in the Broncos favor. The guys argue over which call had a bigger impact in the game between that one and a Brandon Marshall touchdown that came off the board early.

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