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Oct 1, 2018

It was a costly victory as the Seahawks came away with a 20-17 win over the Cardinals. To divide the game into parts of frustration and excitement, the frustration wins out especially when considering a goose egg on 3rd downs, the inability to get a consistent pass rush, missing two field goals and losing Earl Thomas to what was likely his last time in a Seahawks uniform. Strangely it happens on the same field that Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman played their last games with the team.

To see Russell Wilson lead the game winning drive and have Janikowski kick the last second field goal, it seemed to bring more of a feeling of relief than joy. Chris Carson sat out the game due to injury and Mike Davis gave us a 2nd straight 100-yard game. He even did it on 10 fewer carries and scored the Seahawks only two touchdowns of the game. 

Seattle, on the defensive side of the ball, ultimately was able to keep David Johnson in check. Josh Rosen had little help from his receivers with multiple drops, and special teams was equally frustrating as the two missed field goals by Dawson matched the misses by Seattle.

The Seahawks return home this week to take on the Rams. It was going to be a test with a healthy Earl Thomas leading the secondary, but if they can manage to put defensive backs instead of linebackers on the Rams wide receivers they’ll be a step ahead of Minnesota. If they can pull off a win, it could really make some heads spin and show us all that this team isn’t ready to accept a fate that so many were predicting for the Seahawks in the offseason.

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