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Nov 16, 2019

The Seahawks go into overtime for a second straight week and it didn't have to be that way. The Seahawks offense had a chance to draw the game down to a final field goal in regulation, and that was after multiple plays went the 49ers way that kept the game from being a Seattle landslide. Once again, it was a slow start on offense for Seattle as they didn't score on offense until the second half and needed a short field to do it on multiple occasions. The 49ers defense showed up, but so did the Seahawks and Jadeveon Clowney.

Adam is back from his long road trip and in his usual studio and saw a series of play calling that he enjoyed much more than what he saw against the Tampa Bay Bucs. We try and get to all of the biggest moments of the game, from huge plays by the 49ers to strip D.K. Metcalf, the interceptions or missed interceptions that could have sealed the game, and Russell Wilson who made the play in the end to set up Jason Myers for the game-winning score.

Following the game, Pete Prisco gave us some material for a return to Prisco's World as he makes some head scratching moves in his weekly power rankings. We talk about how the Rams may be in serious trouble now in the division after losing on the road to the Steelers, and a 49ers fan emailed in before the game to give his prediction for the Monday Night Football outcome.

The second half of the show discusses the shift from next Sunday's prime time game to an early morning start as the NFL moves the Packers and Niners into the spot Seattle previously held. A big welcome to our newest members of the flock from and In do better we take a look at some commentary from First Take and one of the latest reports from the fallout of Thursday Night Football. Better at life honors go to the Seattle Sounders for their championship and to Ken Norton Jr. for getting the defense fired up for Monday's victory.

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