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Apr 24, 2014

The release of the 2014 Seahawks Schedule motivates Brandan and Adam to get together after a month hiatus to talk Hawks. The guys give their initial reactions to the schedule and look ahead to some of the biggest matchups.

It's not long before the guys the bored with schedule talk and begin to discuss the trade for Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor and the re-signing of Sidney Rice. An email prompts a discussion on Marcus Trufant's retirement announcement and the reports that Richard Sherman could be looking at a long-term contract soon.

With the NFL Draft coming up, Adam wants to get his opinion on the record that Johnny Manziel will be a bust of Ryan Leaf proportions. Brandan offers up ways to enjoy the NFL Draft between the Seahawks selections by listening carefully to how analysts talk about the next flock of stars the draft will appear to be littered with.

Gene Hushak, Sea Hawkers Central Council President drops in for his first appearance on the show to talk about upcoming Sea Hawkers events.

The do better segment features a man trying to sue the Seahawks for $50 million for being excluded from the NFC Championship ticket sales and his attempt to visit "Quest Stadium." Adam takes a shot at TMZ for their coverage of the "suspicious incident" Colin Kaepernick and Ricardo Lockette were involved in.

Finally, Better at Life features Sidney Rice and the conditions surrounding his return to the team and an anonymous 12 who saved a life during a 12k run near the Seahawks practice facility.