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Jul 30, 2020

In a trade the Seattle Seahawks could not have timed any better for our podcast, Jamal Adams is now heading to the Pacific Northwest. Why was the timing so important? We can now celebrate a milestone of the show with some good news rather than talking about our rival that is the defending NFC Champion. Instead, we talk about the risks associated with the Adams trade, the various reactions among Seahawks fans and some questions about the team that still remain going into the season.

As part of our milestone episode, Steve Raible joins the show and he talks about how announcing Seahawks games could be very different in this 2020 season. He shares some moments from his career with the team and we even talk about the popularization of the "Holy Catfish" call and the play from Marshawn Lynch's career that put the term in the consciousness of Seahawks fans.

After the interview, we talk about the NFL Top 100 list, some of the recent roster cuts by Seattle and which 80s to 90s era Seahawks tattoo we would get. We close the show by talking about why China and Mike Florio need to do better. Better at Life honors go to the newest member of the Seahawks as well as a Canadian couple who went off the grid and may need to provide Geno Smith with some advice on living in solitude.

We close the show with a thanks to all those supporting the podcast along with a new parody song (lyrics by Flocktimus Prime):

Thank you for joining the Flock.

We talk Seahawks around the clock.

Your blood bleeds blue;

you're a 12 and a friend of the pod.

And when we hoist the Lombardi,

you'll be celebrating with the crew.

Well, you will see the biggest Facebook gif party,

and you'll smile real big and say,

"I'm glad I joined the Flock."

Thank you for joining the Flock.

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