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Aug 25, 2020

It's time for the annual assessment of our Seattle Seahawks before we head into the regular season. This first game against the Atlanta Falcons is coming up in less than three weeks! We talk about the areas of the team that improved the most in the offseason, the areas that we feel still need improvement, and at least one issue from 2019 that hasn't been talked about enough for how big of a problem it was for the team last season.

On offense, will the Seahawks "Let Russ Cook" or will Pete Carroll shift to a more conservative approach and adopt the "Hammer the Rock" philosophy? Without preseason games, we can only go off the clues we've been given by some of the transactions. We can also go off some of the clues through short video releases to see how the offensive line is shaping up, but we also have to consider the competition when hyping up our own players.

The offseason hype is in full swing when it comes to players like Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Phillip Dorsett, and Travis "TD" Homer. The blame for the hype goes all the way to the top. By "the top" we mean it goes even beyond Pete Carroll or even the NFL.

The 2020 Podcast Pick'em League is now functional. Be sure and register and create a creative team name. Look for a bonus show later this week as we have even more than we talk about beyond this huge 2020 season kickoff episode. Tune in to hear which former Seahawks player needs to "Do better" and which site has a negative outlook on the Seahawks season. Better at life honors go to an eagle fighting "government overreach" and to our reigning 2019 pick'em league champion.

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