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Mar 9, 2022

Is this the beginning of Hawkpocalypse 2.0? Russell Wilson traded to the Broncos, Bobby Wagner released from the Seahawks. Could there be more trades to come for Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf? Those are questions going through the minds of so many Seahawks fans after the first week of March. Even if it's just Russ and Bobby, it an end of an era in Seattle.

As this era comes to a close, should it be the same regime that rebuilds? Whether or not it should be, it looks as though it must have the stamp of approval from ownership. Drew Lock, though part of the trade package, is not an answer at quarterback. We hear from our resident quarterback whisperer on the one player in the league who he'd throw his hat in with. Also, because this feels like a breakup, what qualities in a quarterback should we avoid when looking for a new leader on offense?

In the second half of the show we have a brief talk about why it's not quite time to memorialize Bobby Wagner's time in Seattle, and why it deserves its own show in the future. Instead, we move on to important topics like the best place to ambush someone, because a place in the pickem league prize draft is on the line.  Adam closes the show with a Do Better for the franchise after an emotional day for Seahawks fans.