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May 23, 2023

With the rookies from the Seahawks 2023 NFL Draft reporting to mini camp, we got the first chance to hear directly from them at the VMAC. Their interviews give us another perspective on the players, their personalities and reactions to their transition to professional football. Before we get to the class, we hear from Pete Carroll and get a sense of how he's been energized going into the upcoming season.

Pete certainly made an early impression on some of the rookies, as Derick Hall commented on Coach Carroll's first meeting with the players. As excited as we were initially with players from the first two days, we became more intrigued by the late round players based off of their interviews. Jerrick Reed talked about giving up video games to dive into the playbook while Olu Oluwatimi talked about the transition from a pro style offense playing at Michigan.

In the second half of the show, we talk about how the Russell Wilson trade turned out for the Seahawks now that all of the picks are in. We also put into perspective any complaints about the offseason in comparison with some of the other NFL organizations. In the Do Better segment, Adam tells a story about an awkward interaction during his trip to the store. Better at Life honors go to a truck stop chain for a very specific feature and to the Seahawks player with the best reaction to being drafted.