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May 15, 2016

It's a show filled with interviews! Brandan and Adam are joined by Earl Lockette who talks about his son Ricardo and his announcement to retire from football. Being a guy who coached his son in football, and considering Lockette was the best "gunner" in the game, we try and get to the bottom of where that term comes from.

Last week we talked draft, and this week we get the added perspective from Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog. Plus, we give him some credit for correctly predicting the Seahawks first pick. Rob helps explain why the Seahawks saw a need for drafting three running backs and the special qualities each one provides.

For Seahawks fans within traveling distance to Seattle, this weekend has two big events to help you through your football withdrawals. Saturday, May 21, is the Sea Hawkers Annual Banquet and Paul Beyer talks about the current and former players invited to attend. Norb Caoili (NorbCam) and Mark Collins (Save Our Seahawks) come on to talk about Hawk Fest 2016 on Sunday, May 22, 1-5pm at the Ballard Elks Lodge.

We wrap up with the show with an email contradicting Adam's view of the draft, Pro Football Focus and the L.A. Rams need to "do better," and a 15-year-old Canadian along with Ricardo Lockette are this week's "better at life" nominees.

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